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[VARIETY BOX] Drip Bag Coffee by Seafarer Coffee Roasters (Set of 10)

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We know it's hard to choose your favorite coffee. So we made it easy for you!

With our Variety Box, you can sample a little bit of everything. This box contains two each of the entire range of our Single Origins coffee selection. From the bold and chocolatey notes of our Brazil Santos to the refreshing and fruity notes of our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, we've got something for everyone.

So if you're feeling adventurous or just want to switch things up a bit without having to commit to buying a whole set of something new… well then this is the box for you!

Sometimes, we can't have everything in life. But not this time! So go ahead—try them all!

What's in the box (10 pcs):

  • 2x Brazil Santos (Nutty, Chocolatey, Hint of berries, Low acidity)
  • 2x Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Custard, Apricot, White Wine, Mango, Peach)
  • 2x Colombia Casablanca (Citrus Fruits, Red Apple, Creamy, Nutty, Chocolate)
  • 2x Sumatra Mandheling (Black Tea, Caramel, Woody, Licorice, Lime)
  • 2x Guatemala San Vicente (Cherry, Dark Cocoa, Toffee Nut)

Remember that dreaded meetings that could've been done in a simple email? Brewing a great cup of coffee can be as simple and convenient as just adding hot water. Whether you're working from home (living at work 😢) or enjoying the solitude of doing absolutely nothing, brewing is now quicker, better, and even more affordable.

Shelf Life: 2 months from roasting date

Skip the V60, the weighing scale and gooseneck kettle, because you're now empowered to make great coffee with our drip bag filter coffee! Trust us, it's that easy.

All our coffee is grinded and packed upon order to prolong the shelf-life of your coffee pack. We'll do our best to send over your caffeine needs within 48 hours of purchase confirmation.

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