The Extraordinary Dirty Coffee

The Extraordinary Dirty Coffee

Dirty Coffee, a coffee with an extraordinary mouthfeel and is also a real looker.

Dirty coffee is made by pouring hot, freshly brewed espresso over cold milk, without adding ice (which will dilute the drink). The hot espresso sits on top of the cold milk, and it slowly permeates through it, creating a messy layered appearance, hence the name. We serve our Dirty Coffee in a clear chilled glass without a straw for you to fully appreciate and admire the art before sipping on the delightful creamy and bittersweet coffee.

Because of the delightful union between the hot and cold layers, dirty coffee has an extraordinary mouthfeel. For your first sip, you will experience the hot, bold and robust espresso (roasted in house!). As you start your second sip, the espresso permeates further through the cold milk, and when you reach the milk, that hot drink suddenly becomes cold, producing a startlingly pleasant mouthfeel.

Beyond the mouthfeel, you can also expect an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Because after tasting the strong bitter expresso, the milk will taste sweeter than usual, which creates a unique complexity in your mouth, alongside the temperature differences, we are certain that you will love this coffee experience like none other.

Did we mention that it’s super Insta-worthy too? Foodie or not, it’s gonna spice up your Instagram feed, or create a naturally aesthetic Insta story.

Wait no more. Make a reservation to visit our Coffee Space to experience this extraordinary drink! We are open on weekends and some public holidays. Click here to reserve your spot and we can’t wait to see you soon!

Origins of Dirty Coffee

Similar to our Signature Iced Filter Coffee (look out for our upcoming blog post for more about it!) Dirty Coffee originated from Tokyo, Japan (a coffee aficionado paradise!). It was first crafted by Tokyo’s Bear Pond Espresso, and they named it ‘The Dirty'. Bear Pond’s espresso is famous for being thick, and syrupy, which contributes to the rich creamy flavor of this amazing specialty drink that they pioneered.

Now that borders are open, do give them a visit the next time you’re in Japan!

How is Dirty Coffee Different from Iced Latte?

In the most simple and straightforward terms, Dirty Coffee is like iced latte without ice. But its flavour and mouthfeel speak an entirely different story.

The major difference between a Dirty Coffee and Iced Latte is the preparation method, end result and drinking method.

Iced lattes are typically mixed or stirred and added with ice, so they usually have a consistent temperature and no layers, unlike Dirty Coffee.

For Dirty Coffee, because the espresso and milk quickly mix, it is a good idea to drink the coffee quicker than you normally would because the different temperatures of the layers will soon blend and may give you a lukewarm drink. Of course, you could ask us for ice for a colder drink if you wish to enjoy your coffee longer after your initial experience.

Time certainly flies while you’re having fun, so do also keep in mind that the beautifully messy layers won’t last for too long. So whip up your phones quickly to snap that Insta-worthy shot!

How To Make Dirty Coffee At Home

Tried the Dirty Coffee at our Coffee Space at fell in love with it? You can either pay us a visit again ;) or make one for yourselves at home! All you need is an espresso machine (a Moka Pot will do the job too) and cold fresh milk. To make Dirty Coffee at home, you only need to follow two easy steps.


  • 1-2 shots of espresso (best served with our Brazil Santos or The Navigator coffee beans due to its bold and dark notes)
  • 4-6 oz of fresh milk


  • Glass cup (chill it beforehand it you can!)
  • Espresso Machine or Moka Pot


1. Pour 4-6 oz of milk into a cup.

Full fat fresh milk is best for this recipe, but any milk of your choice can be used.  If you want to capture the look of a dirty coffee use a clear glass cup. So you can see the espresso as it floats above the milk.

2. Pull 1-2 shots of espresso over the milk using a spoon

You can either:

  • pour the espresso into the cup by pouring it over a spoon 
  • spoon the espresso into the cup, or
  • use a spoon to separate the espresso from the milk as it’s pulled directly into the milk.

By using a spoon, you allow a layer of espresso to form over the top of the milk, which gives the drink a more artistic dirty coffee appearance.

And there you have it! Simple and beautiful. Drop by at our Coffee Space anytime during the weekends to chat with us more about all things coffee! Reservation is required, click here to book your spot!

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